Book review. Acuña-Fariña, C. (2023). Syntactic Processing: An Overview. London and New York: Routledge.



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Syntactic processing, grammar



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Montserrat Comesaña, University of Minho

Montserrat Comesaña. In 2007, I obtained my PhD (cum laude) in Basic Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). That same year, I was invited to apply for a five-year research position at the CIPsi (Psychology Research center, University of Minho [Uminho], Portugal) in a highly competitive call launched by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Research -FCT (Science 2008 FCT program). Since that year, (a) I established a Research group in Bilingualism; and (b) I intensively carried out research on Psycholinguistics (producing more than 200 scientific contributions, including 57 peer-reviewed papers, many of them in high-ranking journals such as Cognition, JEP: LMC, or PLoS One (note that more than a half are in the first quartile and that my work has been cited more than 1800 times, resulting in an h-Index of 23 in google scholar, 19 in Scopus) and a number of other academic activities.


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Soares, A. P., Oliveira, H., Ferreira, M., Comesaña, M., Macedo, F., Ferré, P., Acuña-Fariña, J. C., Hernández-Cabrera, J., & Fraga, I. (2019). Lexico-syntactic interactions during the processing of temporally ambiguous L2 relative clauses: An eye-tracking study with intermediate and advanced Portuguese-English bilinguals. Plos One, 14(5): e0216779. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0216779






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