Stylistic Patterns ‘On Air’: Intra-speaker Variation in Canarian Radio Presenters


  • Juan Manuel Hernández Campoy Universidad de Murcia
  • Manuel Almeida Universidad de La Laguna


Palabras clave:

dialect contact, interdialectalisms, standardisation, semi-standardisation, stylistic variation


Social identities are created from the organisation of a series of coordinates that cross different areas in a community: the characteristics of the social group to which the individual belongs, the position that this individual has within the group, the social attitudes towards the own group and other groups, the type of activity that takes place (public or private), the linguistic policies existing in the community towards the different linguistic norms that coexist in it, etc. By incorporating all these (and other) aspects to the variationist analysis, we are admitting that neither the strictly structuralist nor the strictly interactional positions in Sociolinguistics allow us to properly explain the social dimension of language. The analysis of these relationships allows us to analyse with better criteria the different levels in which the sociocultural meaning that the forms of language acquire in specific social situations is organised. Within the framework of these ideas, this research analyses the way in which six radio broadcasters from the Canary Islands stylise their speech in order to achieve certain communicative purposes.

Biografía del autor/a

Juan Manuel Hernández Campoy, Universidad de Murcia

Juan Manuel Hernández-Campoy is Professor in Sociolinguistics at the University of Murcia. His research areas include sociolinguistics, dialectology, and socio-stylistics, with special interest in language variation and change, where he has published extensively: Sociolinguistic Styles (Wiley-Blackwell; 2016), Style-Shifting in Public (with J.A. Cutillas-Espinosa, 2012), or The Handbook of Historical Sociolinguistics (with J.C. Conde-Silvestre, 2012) and numerous articles in leading journals.

Manuel Almeida, Universidad de La Laguna

Manuel Almeida is a retired professor at the University of La Laguna, where he has been director of the Instituto de Lingüística "Andrés Bello". He has worked in different fields: experimental phonetics, dialectology and sociolinguistics. In recent years he has investigated the structure and function of interdialectalisms in Canarian Spanish.






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