Las implicaciones de los errores léxicos en los artículos en inglés científico-técnico


  • Mª Luisa Carrió Pastor

Palabras clave:

lexical errors, non-native writers, scientific English


Second language writing is involved with error production and correction, so the analysis of the different errors produced by non-native writers is a necessary task when teaching how to write in a scientific environment. A corpus can show us the different errors done by non-native writers at an intermediate English level, and in this way, teachers can focus on these language deficiencies and identify their causes. Our paper studies lexical errors in scientific English and determines their different causes, using a corpus of thirty articles produced by Spanish researchers whose aim is to publish these articles in international journals. These articles were compared with the same articles once corrected by expert linguists in order to extract the errors and classify them. The different types of lexical errors were grouped in the results, in order to discern the influences or deficiencies that produced them. Our conclusions established the lexical parts that should be reinforced when writing a scientific text in English.

Biografía del autor/a

Mª Luisa Carrió Pastor

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia