Linguistic Rights in Mexico


  • Ariel Vázquez Carraza

Palabras clave:

linguistic rights, language policy, languages of Mexico, indigenous people of Mexico


This paper exposes the linguistic rights situation in Mexico. To help the reader understand the linguistic rights conditions of the country, the article offers an overview of the languages of the country and their social conflict; the language policy; and the factors that have contributed to the survival of indigenous languages. In particular, the paper emphasises the fact that even though it could be argued that the process to achieve the fully exercise of linguistic rights by indigenous people has started, there are important issues that urge to be addressed by the Mexican government and society with regard to discrimination towards indigenous people. The study suggests actions to be taken in two fronts: 1) the need of sociolinguistic awareness in education; and 2) the activation of mass sensitivity and empathy towards indigenous people through the media, bringing the negative stereotype of indigenous people to a halt on television.

Biografía del autor/a

Ariel Vázquez Carraza

University of Essex







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